On arrival you must register at the hut. Camp staff are present in the weekends and during the summer holidays. Camp staff are present to answer any questions you may have, it also possible to hire various items such as rugsacks for a nature trail, GPS, BBQ's and tables and benches. There is a Scoutshop in the hut where you can buy sweets, ice-cream and soft drinks. Leaders can make use of internet for a small fee, they can also recharge their telephones and cameras, this is free of charge. Bread can be orderd during the school holidays and the baker delivers the orders at the hut.


All cars must park on the designated car park. On arrival you will be issued with maximum three parking cards per camp-site. If you have more than three vehices  then you can park on the public car park behind the pancake house.

Trollies are available for the tranportation of baggage and equipment. During the school holidays there are staff present who are allowed to drive a tractor and can use this to tow trailers to the camp-site.

There is a toilet block with eight toilets, four showers and a long (cold water)sink. The showers have hot water and are free of charge. The toilet block must be kept clean by the guests themselves, cleaning equipment is available. There are two primitive toilets situated at heurkensveld, these are flushed by hand, these toilets must also be cleaned by the guests.

We have recently placed a toilet block on the sport field. The toilets and wash area must be cleaned by the guests.



Pioneer wood and fire drums
We hire pioneer wood for a small fee, you can't reserve pioneer wood, however there is normaly more than enough to go round. Fire drums are free of charge as is the compulsary water bucket by the camp fire, however you must fill this your self!

Fridges and freezer
In the shed next to the Hut, we have five fridges and a freezer for general use. So write your name on your things and you can keep them cool.

There is only possibility to use electricity in a few areas. This is only for large groups and BE groups. Because we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we limit the use of electricity to a minimum.

Campfire pit (van Leeuwenkuil)
The campfire pit is the place for holding a campfire or theater activity. Located next to "De Hut" are the facilities as toilet nearby. The campfire pit is designed in such a way that with a small group you can sit comfortably on the bottom ring around the campfire. If your group is larger than can be scaled up to about 300 people or even more ... Even if a large group makes use of the campfire pit, the heat of the fire will still spread well and the speaker, singer etc. is good understandable by the design. There is also thought of larger performances with or without campfire where the stage is big enough.