If you are coming with a large group of children, please take into account that st. Walrick is primarily a camp terrain for scouting groups and that (scout)camping is our core business. So make sure that the children have a full day and evening programme.

Large tents
Large groups often make use of tent rental firms, however experience teaches us that not all tent rental companies respect our terrains. Please read the notes below carefully:

  • Please E-mail us the name of the tent rental company as soon as possible. We recomend Bresser Tentenverhuur;
  • Instruct the tent rental company that they must first contact our manager, Roel van Leeuwen, phone number +316-20549091 before they will be admitted to our terrain;
  • Tent rental companies will only be allowed to drive on the camp-site after this is discussed with and agreed upon by the custodian. No other vehicles are allowed acces to the camp-sites;
  • Any damage to the camp site will charged to the lessor.

Large tents are often used to hold large parties, in this case please read the following guide lines:

  • Amplified music and the sale of alchohol is only permitted after the local council has issued a special licence, however this licence is not only expensieve but also a time consuming affair. We must be in possesion of a copy of this licence at least a week before the party other wise there can be no party.
  • Only plastic glasses may be used.
  • Generators are not permitted.
  • We have one power point on the site 220V, which can be used by maximum of one group and can be used to light up a tent. If you want to use this power point for a sound installation, then, once again you must first receive permission from the Heumen council. If you want to make use of this power point then please contact the manager Roel van Leeuwen, phone number +316-20549091 as soon as possible.
  • If alchol is to be served please pay attention to the following:
    • alchohol may only be consumed in the tent;
    • ensure that there is adult controll at all times;
    • limit the amount of alchohol consumed;
    • we expect that at least two leaders stay sober during the party.
  • Plan ahead in the case of problems with drunken or destructive guests.
  • Parties are exclusively for the camp guests and visitors from outside are not permitted.

Our parking area is limited to 3 cars per camp-site. If you arrive with more than 3 cars then you must park your vehicles outside the terrain, there is a public car park behind the pancake house which is close to our camp terrain.
Lorries and buses may not park on the parking area and containers must be removed as soon as they are unloaded.
Cars are strictly prohibited on the camp-sites, baggage and equipment can be transported on trollies.
Trailers are allowed on the sites but have to moved by hand and must be removed once they have been unloaded.

The costs for removing refuse is included in the price, however large groups often generate large amounts of garbage. If an extra container is needed to remove the refuse then this will be charged to the group. An extra container costs € 350,-. You can, of course, take the refuse back with you.
During the holiday season there is a garbage container, a glass container and a paper container on site. Garbage must be placed in garbage bags before it is placed in the container.