After arrival you are requested to check in at the Hut (the wooden building). There you are welcomed by the camp staff and registered, your payment will be checked and you will be shown your way to your camping grounds. All participants are required to get acquainted with the camp rules.

Arrival and departure times

In low season camp staff will be present at the campsite during weekends. During summer holidays there will be camp staff present continuously. 

When you visit during a weekend you are welcome on Friday from 7 pm. On Sunday the grounds will be at your disposal till 3 pm. When you visit during the summer holidays you are welcome on the day of arrival from 1 pm till noon at the day of departure.

Camping grounds

At the campsite you are required to stay on the paths and tracks. Dogs need to be kept on a lead. From sunset till sunrise the premises and the surrounding nature reserve is not open for hikers and ramblers. Digging is not allowed at any part of the campsite. Neither is the use of chainsaws.


St. Walrick is in a nature reserve and therefore the campsite is not open to cars. You can park your car(s) at one of the parking sites. You will receive the parking cards upon registering.

For transport of luggage and camping material there are karts available at the Hut. Loading and unloading at the paths and tracks is only permitted after consultation with the camp staff who are present at that moment.

Parking lorries or big trailers isn’t allowed at any part of the campsite on ground of municipal regulations. Neither is placing containers.

Trailers on the fields

For the transport of small trailers to your camping grounds, the tractor can be used if there is camp staff, authorised to drive the tractor, present. The camp staff will take the trailer to your grounds at your own risk. For the transport for the content of the trailers across the premises there are always karts available, which are required to pull to their destination by hand. The camp staff on duty will show you where you can park the trailer during your stay.

Making fire

At the campsite you are allowed to make campfires till midnight, but only when camp staff is present at the campsite and only when there is no fire ban. Every camping field has its own drum in which the campfire is set. There are several bigger campfire locations present at the campsite where campfires can be set at the large concrete plates. 

Before starting a campfire a shovel and bucket with water need to be present. The fire cannot reach above the hip. Table fires and BBQ need to be near the fire pits. After your stay the ash isn’t disposed in the forest, but the drum can be emptied at the pile of ash at our ‘ash tray’ at the waste and recycling area.


There is a waste container for general waste at the Hut. During high season there will also be containers for paper and glass. Decorations, (parts) of broken/ripped tents, etc. need be taken home to be disposed at your local waste and recycling area. As a member of the SCENES network, we are very committed to separating waste.


Tap water stations are located all around the campsite. It is not allowed to wash  the dished, brush teeth, etc. at these stations. The water that comes out of the hand water pump isn’t allowed to be used as drinking water. It is forbidden to connect a garden hose or the like to our water system without prior written permission from the manager.

Pictures and videos on behalf of promotion and privacy regulation

Pictures, videos and voice recordings, taken during your stay and/or activities at Scouting campsite St. Walrick that show participants of your group can be used for promotion. In case of objection you need to communicate this with the camp staff. Scouting campsite St. Walrick is part of Scouting Nederland. For more information about how privacy regulations is handled by Scouting Nederland we reference you to their website.

Quiet, music and drugs

From 11 pm till 7 am there is mandatory quiet around the campsite.

Amplified music and megaphones are not permitted. Neither is the use of power stations and generators.

In accordance with Scouting Nederland the use of (soft) drugs is not permitted at any part of the campsite.

Sanitary duty

The toilets and showers are cleaned by the campers. Upon arrival a schedule will be drawn up by the camp staff.


After your stay you need to leave the field and the surrounding paths and tracks clean and cleared of any rubbish. You are requested to sign out at the Hut, so the camp staff can check your camping grounds.


  • The campsite’s managing team is not responsible or liable for accidents, theft, missing,  loss or damage to material and luggage of campers. 
  • Tenants who damage Scouting campsite St. Walrick’s properties must reimburse repairs, reconstruction works and materials.
  • The campsite manager and camp staff are enforced with the maintenance of the accommodation and the premises and to enhance the quality of the stay at Scouting campsite St. Walrick. Therefore they have the right to refuse access to individuals or groups if someone does not comply with the rules.
  • Camping in a forest comes with certain risks. Even though we try to keep the forest in top condition, we advise you to check the area before setting up camp and be cautious to find the best position for your tents. The camping site and its volunteers are not liable for damage by, for example, tics, oak processionary moth larvae or falling treetops, etc.

Managing Team Scouting campstie St. Walrick 2022