de scout shop 2018Logo scoutshop 1 kleur 2013We have a small but well stocked ScoutShop. We have everything from pocket knives to air bed plugs and from pots and pans to insect repelent. Much of our assortment is decorated with the scout logo which make ideal camp momentoes.

The unique St. Walrick button also makes a perfecy camp gift.

We have a large collection of (merit)badges as wel as our own st walrick badge, perfect for either swopping our for sewing on a rug sack.

We don't sell clothes, sleeping bags, air beds or rugsacks as these take up too much storage space.

Sweets, ice cream, crisps and soft drinks are available at the scout shop.

We also have post cards and postage stamps, you can post these at the shop, you can also collect your mail at the shop.